Why I Love Working Abroad? (OFW Diary)

Why I Love Working Abroad? (OFW Diary)

Based on Google many Filipinos go abroad to migrate. One of the main reasons for migration is employment. High salary and great benefits attract Filipino workers to migrate. Other Filipinos also bring their families along with them in their country of employment.

I was 25 years old when I start working abroad, November 2010 when I flew to Dubai for work and ended my contract in April 2012. Then, I flew to Qatar in July 2012 worked as Admin Assistant and ended my contract in July 2016.

Let me tell you why I love working abroad, here’s why:

1. Salary

Working abroad will offer a higher salary than in the Philippines we all know that, and I think that’s the first thing that we are looking for, right?. Getting a higher salary will give you a better life as well as your family. You’ll be able to send your kids to good school, you’ll be able to send money to your family and you can buy and save money for yourself. Who will say NO to that?

2. Free Accommodation

For 5 years working abroad, I always have a free accommodation and I love it. My room was amazing when I was in Qatar, a room with attached bathroom, with automatic washing machine, with small fridge good for 2 people and I only have one roommate with privacy. All provided by the company. Yay! I’m missing it.

3. Free Transport

Having a free transport is a good thing, you don’t need to hire a taxi or ride a bus paying from your own pocket. All you need to do is to wake up early, prepare yourself to work, wait for your service and when done with your duty all you need to do is pack up your things and get inside your service. The company will provide it all for you, Alright!

4. Food Allowance

Aside from salary most of the company will give you extra food allowance (a monthly food allowance) (Wow, just wow!) not that much but better than nothing.

5. Minimal Traffic (Not as bad as EDSA)

The traffic abroad is not the same with EDSA road. You all know how bad the traffic in EDSA, right? So, no need to explain it further (LOL).

6. No Discrimination

Yes, there’s no discrimination this is all based on my experience. Working abroad will boost your confidence, other nationalities are better to work with (I will not explain it further, LOL). I know Filipino OFW can understand me.

8. Career Growth

Working abroad gives you a chance to do many things. I was hired as Admin Assistant in Qatar and used to work on different projects.

Most of the job I learned, like a helpdesk job -talking with the clients, Information Management System (IMS) Custodian, Receptionist and Visitor Coordinator job that needs to deal with the Hotel and Clients, Hotel Booking and arranging transport for the clients around the globe.

9. Unlimited Contract

If you love working with them and the company is happy working with you, you are allowed to renew your contract as long as you want and as long as the company needs you.

10. Free Medical

Yes, the company will give you a health care for free. If you’re not feeling well and not able to attend your duty you need to inform your supervisor and let them know about it. The company will send a company nurse to your accommodation to check you and give you free medicine, all for free.

And that’s all, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and see you in my next one.

Please note that it’s all based on my personal experiences. I am very open to your comments so please feel free to leave me comments or thoughts.

Thank you!!! XXX

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