Weird Things Inside my Luggage (OFW Travel Bag)

Weird Things Inside my Luggage (OFW Travel Bag)

Yay! Weird things inside my luggage, I love my topic today. 

Based on Google there are approximately 10 million Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) around the world in 170 countries, with 1 million in Saudi Arabia alone, followed by Japan, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and Taiwan, too much isn’t? Now, here’s my question did they pack-up all they need?

5 and half years and counting since I started working abroad, on my 1st travel I didn’t have any idea of what I needed to pack-up (I only packed up my clothes, undies as usual etc.). When I arrived at my destination I found out that I missed some of the important/weird things that I should have packed in my luggage. 

So, for today’s blog, I randomly list down WEIRD things inside my luggage but necessary as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker).

1.  Detergent Powder (Surf Sachet 6 pcs.) 
I always bring detergent powder in my luggage which will last for a month,  you’ll probably ask me why?. Most of the OFW don’t have enough pocket money, you’re lucky if you have some in your pocket. Anyway, it’s practical to buy in the Philippines.
2. Shampoo (Head and Shoulder 1 dozen sachet) 
It’s also practical to have it in your luggage a dozen off sachet shampoo will probably last for a month. Isn’t a good idea?
3. Noodles (Pancit Canton)
I love pancit canton especially the spicy one, OFW or ex OFW know the importance of having it in your luggage. It will save you from hunger when you arrived in another country.
4. Cheesecake & Biscuits
Yay! more cheesecake, please?. You’ll be needing this as your “BAON” for your break time. Remember you’ll get your salary after a month you need this to save you from hunger as well. 
5. Body Soap (Silka)
Yes! I have it in my luggage, we all need it for cleaning our body to stay fresh all day.
6. Fab-Con (Downy Sachet 6 pcs.)
Ahaha! Yes, it’s included in my list isn’t weird? (LOL). Well, I need to save money as much as I can.
7. Dish in a Pack (Wow Ulam Sachet)
Wow “ULAM”! Yes, I need it for my lunch (“BAON”) or even dinner too. Weird, right? 
8. Chicharron 
Yummy! chicharron is a dish generally consisting of fried pork belly or fried pork rinds may also be made from chicken, mutton, or beef. Yeah! I know right? Pork is not allowed in the Middle East, so I’ll bring the chicken flavor.
9. Alum (Tawas)
To stay fresh and smell fresh alum is the answer to my underarm. I prefer alum (“TAWAS”) than any other product. Weird? hell NO for me!
10. Masks ( from Shopee)
Yay! not all of us are using masks but I love using it for my fresh and beautiful skin (Charot), just kidding. 
11. Coffee
I love coffee and I know you do too! So. I preferred to bring abroad at least 1 pack of 3 in 1 coffee to wake me up in the morning as we all know coffee has a good ingredient to give us energy in the morning.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and hope to see you on my next one. Wanna know why I love working abroad? click here

How about you? What are weird things inside your luggage? Feel free to comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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