UK Visa: How I got my UK Visit Visa from the Philippines

UK Visa: How I got my UK Visit Visa from the Philippines

UK Visit Visa

Last August 2016 I applied for a UK visit visa via the UK government website online and submitted all my documents to the VFS Manila Visa Application Centre. As a Filipino Philippines passport holder. You require a visa when visiting the UK or other countries. When pursuing and applying for this visa I needed to be based in my home country (Philippines).

It was hard from the start because I didn’t know where and how to start, and I didn’t know anyone who could help me out. That’s why I decided to create this blog for someone who will be applying for a visit visa in the future (Especially for Filipino). I started searching online via Google and YouTube, it was helpful although I couldn’t get the exact information that I needed. Then I found the UK government website, I read and followed the information I got from the website where it tells you how to apply and along with the VFS Global Service it was very helpful and informative.

Here’s the link to UK Government Website and VFS Global Service.

Visitors cannot work or study in the UK unless this is allowed by the permitted activities that are set out in the Visitor Rules. Applications are decided based on the information provided by the applicant and any other relevant circumstances at the date of the decision. Please note that compiling your documents is VERY IMPORTANT and there is NO INTERVIEW, meaning your visa approval will rely on the documents that you’ve provided.


Documents Checklist:

Please be informed that you must submit all your original documents.

    1. Philippine Passport – Your passport must be valid for your visit to the UK, be in good condition, and have at least one-page blank on both sides. If you have had a UK visa before, but this is in an old passport, send in both of your passports. NOTE: Your application may be refused if you do not send your passport.
    2. Other Passports or Travel Documents – You need to provide your expired passport if you have any.
    3. Information About Your Visit – Documents showing any plans you have made, such as tour details, flight details, letter of invitation, evidence of sponsor’s immigration status in the UK. In this part, I didn’t submit the tour details and flight details because I am not sure if my visa will be granted or not. I had provided a letter of invitation and evidence of sponsor which is his passport copy.

    1. Money (either income or savings) – Documents such as bank statements, bank books, bank letter, balance certificate, tax returns and crop receipts. If another person will pay for your visit you need to provide his 6 months bank statements. I only submitted my sponsor’s bank statements and didn’t provide my own bank statement, bank books, etc.
    2. Home Address – Documents showing where you live such as property deed, mortgage statements, tenancy agreements, accountant’s letters and land registration documents. In this part, I provided my parents land registration documents since I don’t own any property.
    3. Evidence of Assets – Documents showing that you own property or land such as property deed, mortgage statements, accountant’s letter,  and land registration documents. Please note that I didn’t submit anything on this part of requirements because as I’ve said I don’t own any property.
    4. Accommodation in the UK – Document showing your UK accommodation and travel details, such as hotel booking confirmation, travel booking confirmation, travel agent confirmation and sponsor accommodation details. In this part, I only submitted my sponsor accommodation details and I just typed it in Microsoft Word including his address and descriptions of the house.

  1. Additional Information –  Evidence of family members remaining in your home country whilst you travel. I only submitted a copy of my mom’s voters ID and I think you can submit any government ID of your parents as well or if you have kids you can provide their Birth Certificate as a close tie in the Philippines.
  2. Other Documents – You can submit any documents that you think might help with your visa application. I added photos together with my sponsor’s and his phone bills with the address. 

For further reference click here.

What you can’t do during your visit in the UK

  1. You are not allowed to work with pay or without pay.
  2. You can’t stay in the UK for long periods of time through frequent visits.
  3. You can’t get public funds.
  4. You are not allowed to marry or register a civil partnership or give notice of marriage or civil partnership.

Visa Fee

A Standard Visitor (6 months validity) visa costs £89. For visa fee, click here.

Application Online

You need to register on the application online click here to create an account. It will allow you to save, view, and edit your details. Fill in the application in English, pay the visa fee online, and book your appointment to VFS Manila/Cebu online. Attend to VFS with all your documents and have a copy on hand (A4 size all your documents).



Visa processing time

After submitting all your documents your waiting game will start. You should get the decision on your visa within 15 working days. If you have any questions or concern please place your comment and I will try to answer all your questions. Goodluck!

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  1. Hi Mitch, this is such a big help thank you for this guide especially for the quick response…
    very much appreciated 😀

    Maria “_”

    1. Welcome sis! If you have any questions or clarification, you can ask me anytime .

  2. thank you so much sis, i will for sure

  3. Hi Michelle! Very informative…she is a lovely girl who accommodated every of my queries with no any hesitation to really help and give advises. I have been to several forums trying to get information and even tried to message those people but there’s only one who blatantly serious in giving help in return and that is Stylo Michieko! Keep it up dear, don’t get tired giving advises to people who need it because you never know, you may become part of their success….Well done! Cheers xxx

    1. Wow! Thank you sis.

  4. Hi Michelle. I recently applied for a visit visa then got refused because of lacking enough evidence to return to Philippines.
    I stated in the application that i have a dependent child and that is the reason to come back since I am unemployed and do not own any properties. Should I also submit land titles and valid id of my parents like what you did? Do you have any advice? Thank you it will be a great help!

    1. Hello! you can do what I did, but please take note that I been to different country as OFW for 5 years.

  5. Hi am tess tnx for that,may i know ur cp# i he help

  6. Hi Miss Michelle do you know an agency that can help to assist UK visit visa preferably base in Manila thanks

    1. Hi! I only know, it’s located in UK but they have personnel here manila. I think they can still assist you even they’re located in UK. You can check their website and send an email. Thanks!!!

  7. Hi Mich i would like to as ask what are the documents neeeded to provide from the sponsor? Does a sponsor need to meet the financial requirement from UK to be a sponsor? And how much?

    1. You need to provide passport copy of your sponsor, invitation letter, bank statement, tax council, electrical/water bill, accommodation details, mortgage or land title and no financial requirements required. Actually, you can submit all the documents that might help with your visa application.

  8. Hello Michelle, Just want to know last time I applied for the standard visa I declared 150k for the estimated money to spend of travelling for 1 week which was one of the reasons why I got refusal visa. What do you think is the best amount spend to input there if you applied for the visa staying 3 months?Thank you

    1. Hi! I declared 200K when I applied for UK visa and that was for 6 months period of stay in the UK.

      To be honest, I think it really depends on the officer that will handle your visa application because they don’t require exact amount on how much you need to declare.

  9. Hello Michelle,noon nag apply ka ba dati ng visit visa mo sa Uk my work ka ba noon,or nagsubmit ka rin ba ng work certificate or a proof u employed?
    Thank you.

    1. Wala po akong work nung nag apply ako ng tourist visa. Thanks

  10. hi, i want to ask what payment confirmation did you print out? is it the one that you recieve via email?

    1. Yes

  11. Hi Mich., I just want to ask how much money you put in your bank when you visit uk ? I mean, needed to have money in your bank , while you have sponsor ? and how much ? Thank you ,

    1. hi! I didn’t submit my bank statement yung sa sponsor ko lang po ang pinasa ko.

      Much better if you have at least 100K on your bank statement and supporting docs about your savings.

  12. hi michelle… It will not refuse my visa application if i only submit the bank act of my sponsor? I dont have bank act.

    1. Depende po yan, actually I don’t submit my bank statement yung sa sponsor ko lang po ang pinasa ko pero approved naman.

      Yung iba naman po na nakausap ko hindi nag-pasa ng bank statement tapos refused po visa nila. Depende po kasi yan sa circumstances mo or close of ties mo po sa pnas.

  13. Hi! i would like to ask about the home address. did you provide an original or a copy only?

    1. Copy lang po

  14. Hello Ms. Michelle ask ko lang kung pano po ang pagcompile nyo ng documents? May step by step procedure ba?

    Thank u!

    1. Dapat po A4 size and lahat ng documents mo and clear copy

  15. Hi sis necessary ba na ifill in yung estimated money to spend mo or yung sa sponsor lang ang ififill in since you didn’t submit any bank statement naman? If you dont mind how much yung nilagay mong amount sayo and sa sponsor mo? Para may idea lang ako..thank you in advance sis..

    1. Yes sis, it’s necessary po to fill in the questions. Anyway, 200,000 pesos po ang sagot ko sa question na yan.

      Good luck and god bless sa application mo sis!!!

  16. Hi miss Michelle about dun po sa strong ties sabi niyo po sinubmit niyo yung voters I.D. ng parents niyo copy lang po ba o yung mismong I.D. ? Tnx po in advance god bless….

    1. Copy lang po pinasa ko.

  17. Hi miss Michelle about dun po sa close ties sabi niyo po sinubmit niyo yung voters I.D. ng parents niyo copy lang po ba o yung mismong I.D. ? Tnx po in advance god bless….

    1. Hello! Copy lang po pinasa ko. Pero magpasa din po kayo ng other docs as close ties nyo po, para sure.

      Good luck!!!

  18. hello, i just wanted to ask po step by step po ba yung paglagay ng documents sa envelope?

    1. Hello! Just use the separator/barcode for your documents and arrange it properly inside the envelope.

  19. Thank you for the easy to understand explanation. I’m in the midst of preparing my documents to submit my UK visa and I got confused. Your post helped me a lot. Thanks again!

  20. Hello po,sa strong ties bakit voters ID nang mother ipasa.?

    1. Hello! I used the voters’ ID of my mom as evidence that I have family members remaining in my home country (Philippines) while I’m away or on vacation. Thanks!

  21. Me, and my son got refused the standard visitor visa, kahit my sponsor ako kasi kulang ako ng proof dahil my work ako ung ang ties ko hindi nalagay ung payslips. What documents should i provide?

    1. Hello! Sorry to hear that. You need to provide your 6 or 12 months payslip, 6 or 12 months bank statement, employment contract & approved leave of absence letter po from your company. You need to convince them that you will return back to the Philippines if they will grant your visa by providing all the necessary documents. Good luck!

  22. I’m a student pa and April to May yung plan ko magvisit sa uk, may sponsor po ako, okay lang ba yung enrollment certificate ipasa kahit summer vacation na yun at kelangan kong bumalik ng Pinas by end of May for the next school year? Any idea po?

    1. Yes, you can use the enrollment certificate as close ties in PH.

  23. Hi ma’am Michelle ask lang po ako about visit Visa to England UK,gusto ng bf ko na mag visit ako Doon..ano ba mga requirements tapos may interview paba?thank you

    1. Hello! Wala pong interview, all you need to do is to apply online and submit the required documents. Regarding po sa documents, nilagay ko po yung lahat ng pinasa ko dito sa blog ko. Thank you and God bless!

  24. Hi miss mich,knasal po ako dto sa pinas sa british husband ko last april,at ngaun po mg 4 4mos.pregnant nko and i am planning to visit my husband family there in uk.hnd po kya ako mrefuse dhil sa pregnancy ko at pwede ko po b gwing sponsor ang anak ng asawa ko.?thank you in advance po..godbless

    1. Hello! I don’t think that you’ll be refused because you’re pregnant and I think yes pwede mong gawing sponsor ang anak ng asawa mo.

      Hmmm… why don’t you use your husband po as sponsor? are you both in Philippines po ba?

      Anyway, good luck and god bless po.

  25. hello, sa proof of address ko pwede bang utility bills nalang instead of land title?

    1. Yes po, you can use utility bills as proof of address.

  26. hi
    how long or ilang working days you have waited bago mo makuha ang approval ng visa? or the exact email you recieved from the embassy.


    1. Hello! 15 working days po ang processing ng UK visa, I got my visa on the 12 working days. Good luck!

  27. Hi Ma Michelle. I’ve been following you both here and youtube. May ask po ako, is it okay po na magpasa ng support letter from the sponsor na double sided po? Which mean po yung sponsor ko nag print po ng invitation letter na double sided. do you think it would be acceptable po? Thank you po.

  28. Hi po, ask ko Lang kung kailangan PA bang e print yung list of documents ko para ipasa sa araw ng appointment? Salamat po sa reply. Godbless

    1. Hi Rose, sorry kung late reply ko dito. I think naka chat na kita kanina sa FB page ko. Anyway, are you referring to the checklist? if so, yes po you need to print it if they require you to do so, if not no need na po. God Bless and Good luck.

  29. Hi mith… Sa appointment b dun ba my question?? Or my interview pa dun

    1. Hi, no interview po on your biometric appointment. Don’t worry po, mabilis lang po un at walang dapat ikabahala. Good luck!

  30. Hi mitch.Can i ask if pwedi na ang passbook as bank statement?Ixerox ko lang.At sa brown envelope po ba ilagay pag isubmit sa vfs?thank you!

    1. Pwede naman po na copy lang as long as clear copy po sya. You can use a brown envelope po para sa documents mo.

  31. Hi mich .If ever ma approve ang visit visa ko to uk .Kelangan pa bang umattend for cfo.Engaged na kami ng british man ko po.We are planning tk visit uk before our wedding here sa philippines.Ty po

    1. Hindi po ako umattend ng CFO, when I got my visit visa. So no need po un.

  32. Hi po Maam michelle
    Ask ko lang po anu po kaya pwedi e sumbit na evidence of family members
    Wala po akung anak
    And my parents they are both dead
    Pwedi po kaya siblings ? Strong ties po ba yun
    Thank you

    1. Hello! I’m not sure if you can use your siblings as strong ties. You can use your property or study po as strong ties. Thanks!

  33. Hello if sponsored Ka, ano ipapakita SA immigration once na nagland Ka na SA UK, do you need to show your bank statements?

    1. Hello! No need to show your bank statement po sa UK immigration. They will just ask you a couple of questions.

  34. Hi Michelle please i want to know
    I have 1000£ in my account and i also have a sponsor and he have up 7000£ in his account and I want to travel to UK for 3weeks Christmas Holiday, I don’t know is the money too much or okay ?…

    1. That would be enough, just make sure that you have strong ties to your country to prove that you will be back after your trip to the UK.

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