My boyfriend and I decided to get married in the UK, as a Filipino I need to get a visa to get there. At first, I thought it will be easy for me to get all the required documents because I already had my UK Tourist Visa and I thought it will be the same process, oh well! Yes, it was the same process but it was not as easy as a tourist visa. Anyway way back then, I start searching online for the documents needed. I used Google and YouTube, I got some ideas but not all the answers (it was not easy, believe me). My boyfriend asked me if we need to get a solicitor and I’m confident when I told him that we don’t need it since I already process my own visit visa before (big mistake of my life).

 Here are the qualifications for getting a UK Fiance Visa

1. You and your partner both need to be 18 or over.
2. You should be in a relationship for at least 2 years and in a genuine relationship.
3. If any, you need to prove that your previous marriages have been ended.
4. You need to get married within 6 months after arriving in the UK and you are not allowed to work during your engagement.
5. You also need to prove that you have a good knowledge of English.
6. You are required to pass your tuberculosis test.
7. You need to prove that you have a proper accommodation.
8. You need to prove that you are planning to get married in the UK.
9. You should have a valid passport.
10. Your sponsor should pass the required Financial Requirements which is 18,600 per annum.

UK fiancé/Settlement Visa Document Checklist

Applicant Document
1. Online application form – UKVI Application Form, click here
2. Appendix Form – click here
3. Confirmation of Biometric Appointment
4. Confirmation of Visa payment
5. PSA Birth Cert
6. TB test – 3200n pesos – (to schedule your TB test, click here)
7. A1 life skills test -10,415 pesos – (to schedule your appointment, click here)
8. Photocopy of passport
9. Letter of intent
10. CENOMAR – Certification of No Marriage

Sponsor’s Doc: NOTE: Financial Requirements Required 18,600 pounds per annum.
1. Sponsorship form from UK Website – click here
2. Cover letter
3. Birth Cert
4. Employment contract
5. Letter from employer (financial reference)
6. 6 months’ payslip
7. 6 months or 1-year bank statement
8. Passport copy
9. Copy of travel history
10. Copy of divorce decree

1. supporting letter from his family
2. Letter from the landlord (who owns the apartment, stated how many bedrooms and the size of the apartment, also stating that they are allowing you to stay in the house)
3. Council Tax
4. Utility Bills

Relationship Evidence:
1. Pictures together with a caption
2. Copy of conversation or communication (Skype, WhatsApp or any other social sites)
3. Email
4. Cards
5. Letters
6. Facebook posts
7. Plane ticket of Fiancé that he already visited you
8. Hotel bookings confirmation

How to send documents:

1. You can send it to Sheffield via courier (I prefer DHL)
2. VFS Scan Service – Fee – Almost 4K pesos



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  1. Good info.. it will help a lot of people who will apply for fiance visa.. ☺☺☺

    1. Yay! yes, sis.

      1. Hi, i am only one year and five months in a relationship. Is it ok that to apply for fiance visa? We are planning this 1st week of april to submit our application. Thanks and God bless

        1. Hello! Yes po you can apply for a fiance visa, but make sure to submit all the required documents to avoid refusal. God Bless and Goodluck.

  2. Thanks!for all the info.Godbless.It is very useful..

    1. Welcome!

  3. Hi michelle i would like to ask if it is really needed that your relationship must be 2yrs? If less than that your application will be rejected or refuse?

    1. As far as I know it should be 2 years in a relationship, but never heard anyone got refused because of not meeting 2 years relationship. Please note that they will check if your relationship is genuine.

      1. Thanks for the info sis .Actually my bf & I are in relationship for more than a year alredy but less than 2yrs and hes planning to get me there in UK as fiance visa and to get married there. So im scared that if we start this month our papers and our relationship is less than 2 yrs it might be the cause of the refusal.But anyway since u told me that u havent heard someone got refused bcos of not meeting the 2yrs reltionship atleast i felt relieved.

  4. And regarding abt the 18600 financial requirement for the sponsor does it mean dat he should have a savings of 18600 per annum or 18600 total income per annum? And if they will based on the total salary for the total income per annum is it they will based it from the gross total or net total of the salary?

    1. Hi! 18,600 total income per annum and gross total of the salary.

      1. Thank u

  5. Michelle how about the relationship evidence, does it really need both sponsor and the applicant will need to provide/pass it or Can da applicant only can be the one to do and send it like the photos w/ fiance ,converstions and others?

    1. It doesn’t matter who will provide the relationship evidence because you’ll submit all your docs as one.

  6. Hello good pm my itatanung Lang ako sayo about kung kailangan na mgpabook sa register office kung saan kayo ikakasal sa England. Kasama b un sa requirements sa fiance visa. Panu kung marefuse ung visa sayang ung bayad sa register office

    1. Hi! kahit di po muna kayo magpa book sa register office, mag email lang po muna kayo sa kanila kung kailan ang plan date nyo na magpakasal, then printout nyo lang po yung email na may response nila, tapos un na po yung gagamitin nyo as proof.

  7. Hello thank you so much for your reply.

  8. Hello good pm ilang months b ang processing ng fiancee visa.
    At kung na approved na un kailangan b ng round trip ticket or one way ticket papunta ng UK. Thank you

    1. Hi! 60 workings days ang processing ng visa. If approved no need ng round-trip ticket, one way would be fine po. Welcome!!!

  9. Hello thank you so much

  10. Hello my itatanung ulit ako sayo. ilang months b pwede mg stay sa UK ung spouse visa .thank you

    1. Hi! a spouse visa is initially issued for 33 months. Welcome!!!

  11. Thank you pinag iisipan kc namin kung spouse or fiancee visa kukunin kc pg fiance visa 6 months Lang valid tapos kumuha ka ulit ng extension ng visa. Pareho Lang b Requiements ng spouse ska fiance

    1. Yes po parehas lang ng requirements and process ang spouse at fiance visa.

      Pag spouse visa i-aadd mo lang yung marriage contract nyo.


  12. Hi my ask ulit ako sayo kailangan b palitan ung name mo sa passport from single to married name bago mg apply ng spouse visa kc ang passport ko ngaun ung surname ko kc dun is nun wala p ako asawa. Pwede p un muna gamitin sa pg apply ng visa or kailangan ko muna mg pa change status.

    1. Pwede nyo pa po magamit yung passport mo nung dalaga ka pa.

  13. OK thank you very much

  14. Hello Michelle good afternoon. Anu pala ung letter of intent. Pwede b makahingi ng sample. Ty

  15. Hi po ask ko lang po sana kung pwd ako mag apply ng fiance visa after ko marefuse sa visit visa? My fiance ako sa uk 5years na kami pero wla kami proof like fb email, pero my pictures kaming dalawa ng fiance ko.. thank u po

    1. Hello! Yes po, pwede po mag apply ng Fiance visa kahit refused yung visit visa application nyo.

      Just make sure na complete yung docs nyo na ipapasa, wala pong magiging problema kahit refused yung visa application mo before.

      Pwede po gawing proof ang cards, email communications and pictures.

      Good luck and God Bless!!!

  16. Hi po ask ko lang po sana kung pwd ako mag apply ng fiance visa after ko marefuse sa visit visa? My fiance ako sa uk 5years na kami pero wla kami proof like fb email, pero my pictures kaming dalawa ng fiance ko.. thank u po☺️☺️

    1. Hello!Yes po, pwede po mag apply ng Fiance visa kahit refused yung visit visa application nyo.

      Just make sure na complete yung docs nyo na ipapasa, wala pong magiging problema kahit refused yung visa application mo before.

      Pwede po gawing proof ang cards, email communications and pictures.

      Good luck and God Bless!!!

  17. Hi mam ask ko lang po ulit ung sa £18,600 na per annum? Need po ba nia un? Kc po retired na po cia nag ppension nlng po cia now anu po pwd nia ipasa na documents kung sakali mam? Then need pa po ba namin ng solicitor mam?? Thank u po ulit

    1. Yes po £18,600 per annum, need po ninyo ipasa yung proof ng pension nya.

      Pwede naman po kayo kumuha ng solicitor para mas mapadali po sa inyo at para may mag ga-guide.

  18. Hi mam ask ko lang po ulit need ko pa po ba ng english test po?? Saan po ako pwd mag test ng english po?? Thank u so much☺️☺️

  19. Mam ask ko po ulit mam, ung english test po ba at TB need ko po ba unahin un mam before po ako apply ng fiance visa po?

    1. Opo, kasi ipapasa mo po yung kasama ng mga documents mo sa Sheffield or via scan service sa VFS.

      Kailangan po ma complete mo na lahat ng docs mo bago ang biometric appointment mo sa VFS.

  20. Hello po mag tatanung po ulit ako maam, maam nag apply po ako ng visit visa nov 2013, and dec 2013, and jan 2014 denied po lahat,tapos nag apply po ulit ako ng tourist nag agency po ako huminge ako ng payo sa agency kung anu maganda kong gawin snbi po nng agency na mag tour ako sa uk for 10days tpos snbi nia sa application ko na wla ako kakilala dun sa uk pero snbi ko po na may fiance ako dun kc nag apply ako dati na denied ako sbi ng agency hnd na un mkkita kc matagal na daw pero nung nag apply po ako itong june 2018 na denied po ako for tourist visa kc nakita nla ung last na apply ko na visit visa na my fiancee pi ako.. tapos nung july po maam nag apply po ulit ako ng tourist visa na denied po ulit ako..Any futher Uk visa application you make will be cinsidered on thier individual metrits; however, you are likely to be refused unless the circumtances of your application change.. maam anu po maganda ko po gawin or kunin na visa po? My fiancee po ako sa ul at may tita po ako sa uk pwd po ba cla na dalawa mag sponsor pi skn? Maraming maraming Thank you po sa sagot nio po maam.. godbless po❤️☺️

    1. Madaming beses ka na pala nag-apply.

      Anyway, kung maayos mong maipapasa yung mga documents na kailangan may possible naman na ma approved ka. Pwede ka naman mag-apply ng fiance visa basta tama lahat ng docs na ipapasa mo. Anu bang balak nyo ng Fiance mo? papakasal ba kayo sa UK? Pag fiance visa ang aapplyan mo mas magiging madali sa inyo lalo na kung may work ang fiance mo at kumikita sya ng 18,600 pounds per annum.

  21. Hi Michelle,
    Your post is very helpful. I’m having a hard time sorting my requirements and I just want to ask how you sort your requirements ? I mean do i need to have a standard pattern for example the Financial Requirements should be first and then the proof or evidences? Also, do i need to use barcode for every requirements? I’ve read about the barcode thing and i have no idea about it.

  22. Hi Michelle,

    Do you have a list of the requirements and how long they remain valid?
    Also do you have any suggestion in what order we accomplish the requirements? Say for example, would you suggest we take the Wnglish life skills test first before the TB test, and so on and so forth for the rest of the requirements?

    Thank you and more power!

    1. Hello!the list of the requirements is on my post, TB test validity 6 months, IELTS A1 Speaking and Listening valid for 2 years.

      Better to get your English test first coz it will take you a month or more than to get it done, second the other docs like bank statement etc. and last TB Test.

  23. Hi!
    How to do this part of the requirement?
    “Confirmation of Biometric Appointment”

    Thank you and more power!

    1. After visa application online and paying online, you will be guided directly to VFS biometric appointment where you can choose the date you wanted for your biometrics.

      1. Thank you so much, Michelle. You’ve been very helpful. Your article is very helpful. I’m saving this in my Home Page .
        More power to you!

  24. Hi Michelle,

    What needs to be in the letter of intent? Do they have specific things that they require to be indicated in the letter?

    Thank you!

  25. Hello, ask ko lang kung anong passing score ng English Exam? Thank you!

    1. There’s no score po sa A1 test, they will just put passed if you passed the exam.

  26. Hello Michelle napanood ko Yung mga videos mo sa YouTube regarding sa fiancé visa ask ko Lang po sana kong Pwede dito sa israel yung boyfriend ko Asa UK Tas aayusin na nya daw papers ko Kaso Hindi ko Lang alam kong Pwede dito sa israel Kasi dito ako nagwowork? Papano Kaya ? Need ba talaga 2 years in relationship ? LDR Kame Wala pa Kameng one year.. Salamat sa tugon

    1. I’m not sure if pwede jan sa Israel, pero kung may VFS Global jan sa Israel pwede po siguro kasi online application naman po sya.

    2. Hi Jean tanong ko lng, are you able to process your papers sa israel? same case as me as ofw din ako. do i need to go back to PH to process everything?

  27. So is it £18600 a year income after tax then?you need to have or is it £18600 including tax?

    1. Available maintenance funds equivalent to a minimum gross annual income of £18,600 are required. A total amount of income earned annually. Gross annual income represents the amount of money a person earns in one year from all sources before taxes.

  28. Hi michelle
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about fiancee visa application as i would be filing mine in a few months.reading your blogs is really a big help for me.planning to take A1 life skills in May and hopefully could start with visa application by June.
    I’m just so grateful i happened to bump into your blogs

    1. Welcome X

  29. Hi Michelle

    I want to ask about the documents like including the holidya visit. May boarding pass kami nung nagbakasyon kami I kept it. How did you put it sa A4 paper dinikit mo ba kasi Ive read sa ibang blog bawal magdikit sa mga documents. Thanks

    1. Hi!

      A clear photocopy will do po, just photocopy it in A4 size paper. Good luck!

  30. Good day po maam,. Maam ask ko lang po may fiancee po ako sa uk british po tpos nag apply po ako ng tourist visa at visit visa naka 5times na po ako ng apply maam na refuse po kc kulang po ako sa mga requirements at wla din po kami proof ng fiancee ko para magpapatunay na cia tlga ung ppuntahan ko sa uk pero support naman po nia ako sa lahat ng requirements maam, ngaun po ung tita ko na nsa uk po citizen po cia dun matagal na po pwd po ba na ung tita ko nlng po ang kukuha skn ung mag sponsor po kung sakali po maam? Thank you po and Godbless

    1. Hello! Pwede naman po ang tita mo mag sponsor sayo, just make sure to provide all the required documents. Thanks and God Bless.

      1. Maam hindi po ba ma qquestion un maam na nag apply na ako before na ung fiancee ko ung kumukuha skn tpos ngaun ung tita ko po??

        1. Di po ako sure jan, pwedeng mapansin lalo na kung ipapasa mo yung mga refusal letters mo. Pero di natin malalaman kung di mo susubukan. Good luck sis!!! Kaya mo yan.

  31. Hi,Michelle

    I’m glad that I found your blog!.

    Is it possible to get a Visa if our relationship is a virtual relationship, you know, online communications lang. But we already planned to be together after 5 years. It is a genuine relationship and Im sure of it. Counted po ba yun sa 2yrs requirement even never pa kami nagmeet, just this time…if makapasa .

    1. Yes, of course, all you need to do is to prove that you are in a genuine relationship. Good luck.

  32. Hi. How much is the visa fee? Thanks

    1. Apply outside the UK Fee is £1,523. Welcome

  33. Hi maam, Good day po! Maam ask ko po ulit maam pag fiance visa po ba ang kukunin ko need ko pa po ba ng requirements ko na like may business ako dto sa pinas, bank statement mga ganun po maam? Need ko pa po ba ung mga un maam pag fiance visa po? Thank you and God bless po❤️

  34. Hi, this is Irish.

    I’m glad you posted about this and it’s very helpful to us, esp me. We’re planning to apply for the Uk fiance visa. Just wanna ask kung ang applicant ba mismo magpapass lahat ng requirement or yung sponsor? Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂

    1. Hello, Trish. Thank you for reading my blog. Anyway, YOU can submit all the requirements through VFS by scan service on your biometrics appointment. Also, YOU or YOUR PARTNER can send the required documents directly to Sheffield through courier (LBC).

      1. Dear ma’am michelle ;

        Ma’am ask ko lang po kung nasa magkano lahat nagagastos para makakuha ng uk visa?
        5years na po kami ng bf ko naka Punta na rin ako ng Hong Kong (2x) , singapore (1x), Thailand (10x) na yata, london (1x).
        isang beses na po ako na denied for uk visa , nangyari po ito nong pangalawa ko sana bibisita sa uk. Ang rason noon kung bakit ako na denied ay halos sinagad ko yung 6months visa ko. First time ko po kasi noon kaya di namin alam ng bf ko na ang counting pala nung visa ay sa araw ng released at hindi pala sa kung anong petsa natatakan ng uk immigration.
        Tapos ngayon balak na po namin sana magpakasal sa uk , nangangamba po ako na ma denied at madayang ang effort at gastos. At sa English po ba kilangan fluent speaking po ba para makapasa?

        Sa tingin nyo po Ma’am basi sa kwento ko may posibilidad po na makakuha ako?

        Maraming salamat po Ma’am.
        Sana mapansin nyo po itong comment ko po.

        1. Hi! UKVI application fee: £1,523, NHS surcharge: £1,200, IELTS: £180, TB: £50. Hindi mo po kailangang maging fluent sa English para makapasa, as long as you can communicate in English, maipapasa mo po un. Regarding to your concern naman po, I think pwede naman po kayo mag apply ng fiance visa kahit na refused ka before, para maging sigurado po, try to get solicitors and ask their opinion. You can contact Burton Visa for free, here’s the website They will tell you kung walang magiging problema sa application mo if mag aapply kayo ng fiance visa. If you have more questions, please send me a message to my FB Page “Stylo Michieko”. Thanks!

    2. Hello, Trish. Thank you for reading my blog. Anyway, YOU can submit all the requirements through VFS by scan service on your biometrics appointment. Also, YOU or YOUR PARTNER can send the required documents directly to Sheffield through courier (LBC).

  35. Hello po, does the documents need to be original when you submit them or a scan documents is ok? Or if my partner will send the original copies thru courier, how long does it take?

    1. Sorry for the delay. You can submit original or scan copy but make sure that you will send a clear one. Your partner can submit the original documents thru courier (DHL) it will take 3 days to arrive.

  36. Hello, have you gotten your spouse visa after 6 months? How was it? Is it possible to get an A2 exam instead of the A1 exam for IELTS?

    Thank you

    1. Hi! I didn’t apply for a spouse visa yet. I am not sure if you can get A2 Exam cause they require A1 IELTS Exam. Please double-check about it. Thanks

  37. Hi’ as an applicant so I still ready need bank statement for fiancée visa? And is it mandatory? Thank you.

    1. Hello! You need to submit your (British) fiance bank statement. Good luck with your application.

  38. hello michelle, thanks for your reply. I have a question and concern din, i’m 1 month pregnant na then we’re still processing our fiance visa, pwede ba namin sabihin yung totoo na preggy ako or eh hide? eh rerefuse ba nila kapag preggy ka pero ang father is your fiance. Looking forward to your response. Thanks

  39. Hi Michelle, this is Irish again, another question again kasi may concern lang kami sa fiance ko. Preggy kasi ako for 1 month, May problem ba pagnag aapply kami for fiane? may chance ba refuse yon or ano dpat namin gawin? like sasabihin ba namin ang totoo or no? thank you. Looking forward to your response 🙂

    1. Hello! I don’t think na magkaka problema kayo, just submit all the required documents for sure na maaapprove ang visa nyo. You can be honest naman po sa kanila na your pregnant, pero wala naman question sa form if you’re preggy or not. It’s all up to you kung sasabihin nyo sa letter na buntis ka. Good luck po sa application nyo.

  40. Thank you Michelle ❤️

  41. just a question to ask, is it a complusion to be in a 2 years relationship? can it be less than that?

    1. Hello! I don’t think so, but you need to prove that you are in a genuine relationship.

      If you’re applying as a fiancé, fiancée or proposed civil partner
      You must prove that:

      Any previous marriages or civil partnerships have ended.
      You plan to marry or become civil partners within 6 months of arriving in the UK.

  42. Hi michelle
    Saan po e sesend ang documents? Ang laki kasi nga sheffield. Thank u

    1. UK Sheffield doesn’t accept paper copy anymore. You have to go to the VFS center or other places whichever closest to get them scanned. Nagbago na po sila ng rules.

  43. Hi Michelle!

    May I know how much magagastos for fiance visa?

    1. I think we spent almost 2K British Pound.

  44. Hi Michelle!

    After the fiance visa, what’s next? As far as I know, fiance visa is only good for 6 months.

    1. A fiance visa grants you entry to the UK for a period of six months during which time you are required to marry your fiance in the UK. Once you are married you can apply for a spouse visa from within the UK. The spouse visa enables you to work in the UK and will initially be granted for a period of 30 months.

  45. Hi Michelle, thank you very much for this blog and the useful information. I have a question if you could help. Me and my fiancee Joy (who is Phillipino) have started our fiancee visa application. We followed the online guides and applied for what they call Appendix FM Partner. On the “DOCUMENTS” section, for the “Other documents” list where you have to tick each box, they ask for “Proof that we are unmarried partners”. And they explain there that unmarried partners means we have to have lived together for 2 years, wich is not the case for us. We’ve been in a relationship for three years but never lived together, just visited each other. Is that something that is there just by default and we can ignore it later on (even if we have to tick that box to go to the next section?). Our worry is that maybe we used the wrong type of online application?
    I thank you again for your help and all the amazing information posted. Regards and good luck,

    1. Hello! Your fiance can message me on my FB Page (Stylo Michieko) for this. Cheers!

  46. Thank you for this informative piece! I was going through the list of requirements, naoansin kong wala dun ang cenomar? Thank you!

    1. Nilagay ko na po. Hahaha. Thank you!

      1. Thank you for the quick response! And what if wala kayong huge wedding celebration plans and wala kayong maipakita na receipts from wedding suppliers as a proof na magpapakasal kayo pagdating mo sa UK, ano ang pwedeng proof na magpapakasal kayo when you get to the UK? Thanks!

        1. Your fiance can send an email to the UK Marriage Registrar near to his place, informing them of the date of your plan wedding date. Tapos yung reply po nila ang pwede nyong gawing proof that you are getting married. Also, you can also search for the wedding reception (Hotel, restaurant, etc.), pag may napili na kayong hotel, send them an email and ask for quotation, pwedeng pwede nyo pong gawing proof un na magpapakasal kayo.

  47. hello Michelle! thank you for your post! ask lang po if meron ba kayong sample ng cover letter and yung letters from third parties and letter of intent? thank you!

    1. Hi, you can send me a PM on my FB Page (Stylo Michieko) for this. Thanks!

  48. hi michelle,ask q lng pnu pla ung mga docs n ngpptunay n genuine ang relationship like pics together and remittance slip lhat b un esesesnd via scan n lng?

    1. Hello! Sheffield is no longer accepting any documents, lahat po ng docs ay isesend via scan na lang po.

  49. ty s big help michelle kundi mali pla ung visa n naapplyan q buti anjn k pra mg help s mga katulad nmeng ngaun lng ng process,,ty muahhh..

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