How to get Married in Hong Kong for Filipina and Foreigners

How to get Married in Hong Kong for Filipina and Foreigners

My Fiancé and I are planning to get married since 2017, we applied for a Fiancé Visa to the UK but sad to say that it was refused. We all know that getting married in the Philippines for Foreign nationals is not easy, it would take at least 2 to 3 months or more to process all the papers. Your British fiancé will also have to visit the British Embassy in Manila to pick up the legal capacity to marry. This will take 2 to 3 days or more after he secured his legal capacity to marry and both of you need to attend seminars regarding marriage life. That’s why, for Filipina and Foreigners, getting married in Hong Kong is the fastest way to choose.

My Fiancé and I are both working in the Middle East. He is working in Saudi and I was working in Qatar when we plan to get married, meaning to say we are both busy and no time to do a long time process like attending seminars, etc.

I started to do research the best place to get married abroad and got curious about how to get married in Hong Kong. Upon checking online it shows that getting married in Hong Kong is quite easy and straightforward and the cost is not that much.

But why we get married in Hong Kong?   

  1. The process is quick and easy.
  2. The Fee is not that much.
  3. Easy to deal with the government authorities in Hong Kong than in the Philippines.
  4. Hong Kong is the all in one package (Wedding, Honeymoon, and Travel).

If you want the fastest, easy and straightforward process, then the option of getting married in Hong Kong is for you.

How to get started? The first thing we did is to email

After sending them an email on November 27, 2018, at 1:58 am (PH Time) (8:58 pm – Qatar Time), I received a complete reply from them on the same day @11:46 am with complete information and instructions (Amazing), also with attached Overseas Marriage Application Inquiry Form.

The reply from the HK Government is quite lengthy, but be sure to read them thoroughly as it contains useful, specific information essential to completing the process. After you have read the instructions, it is time to prepare for the paperwork.

Procedures for giving notice of intended marriage from places outsides Hong Kong 

If both of you are overseas and wish to celebrate your marriage in Hong Kong, either one of you may complete the Notice of Marriage form which is attached to this email and send it after notarization together with other required documents by AIRMAIL to their office.


  1. Complete the form and signed by either one of the marrying parties. Prepared the copies of both parties’ travel documents and the required documents, if appropriate (please see below for the required document under different categories).
  2. The duly completed Notice of Marriage (page 1) has to be authenticated by a Notary Public at the present place of residence of the person who signs the notice. Notarization has to be made against the signature of the marrying party.
  3. If you intend to celebrate your marriage at their marriage registry, you may indicate your preference for the date of marriage and registry on the information sheet (page 3 of the form).

Please note that Notice will be exhibited after it is normally received and marriage should be celebrated within 3 months but after 15 days from the date of giving the notice.

It is preferable that the Notice given from overseas should reach the Marriage Registration & Records Office at least one month before the ceremony is held.

  1. After notarization of the notice, you need to send the notice together with photocopies of the other documents below:
  • Photocopies of your and your Fiancee birth certificate (International Birth Certificate if the same document isn’t in English)
  • Photocopy of passports
  • CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) for the Filipina partner
  • Notarized Page 1 of the Notice of Intended Marriage
  • Pages 2 and 3 of the Forms sent by the HK government (if both of you were never married) and 2 to 6 pages if one of you was previously married (divorced).
  • Photocopy of the divorced certificate (If your partner was divorced).
  • Bank draft of HK$305 made payable to ‘The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’.

All the requirements should be sent to the following address :

Births & Deaths General Register Office/Marriage Registration & Records Office

3/F, Low Block

Queensway Government Office

66 Queensway, Hong Kong

(Telephone Number  : (852) 2867 2787) 

  1. Upon the receipt of your notarized notice, the notice will be exhibited at the Marriage Registry where it is given and also at the Marriage Registration & Records Office for at least 15 clear days. If no objection is received after the period of 15 clear days, the marriage may take place. The notice period starts from the date immediately after the date of receipt of the notice at the office.
  2. A reply will be sent to you to confirm the appointment for the marriage ceremony after receipt of the authenticated notice, the prescribed fee, and supporting documents.

We received a reply from saying that our request wedding date is confirmed. And both of us are required to appear on the scheduled date before the Deputy Registrar of Marriages with the travel document and other documents to be examined. 

On the day of appointment for the marriage ceremonythe bride and bridegroom should attend 15 minutes before the time previously arranged by the Registrar, bringing two witnesses (at 18 years of age or over ). Relatives and friends may be invited to be present at the marriage ceremony. At the ceremony, rings may be exchanged between the parties if they wish. The bride and bridegroom and witnesses will sign the marriage certificate in duplicate and the Registrar will give one certificate to them and file the other in the registry.

Last, of all, you may wish to know that marriage at the Registrar’s Office is charged HK$715 during normal office hours and HK$1935 outside normal office hours.

Are you also thinking to get married in Hong Kong? Drop me a comment for some queries. I would be happy to answer all your questions to help you out.

Thank you for reading, hope it helps!

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  1. Ok lang po ba na i pasa ang mga documents and fee ng personal?kaylangan din po ba ng witness pag ikakasal?

    1. Ok lang po na ipasa ng personal ang documents and fee. Iba po yata ang proseso pag nasa HK kayo. Yes po, need po ng 2 witness.

  2. Hi may plano din po sana kami magpakasal ng fiancee ko…filipina po ako and filipino din ang fiancee ko kasal sya dito sa pinas pero divorced na sya sa canada…canadian citizen ang fiancee ko. Ask ko lang po kung ano ano documents ang kailangan ipasa at kung ano pong bank draft ang ina accept ng hongkong?yung mga documents po ba tru airmail ipapasa or tru online or pwede rin po personal?kailangan din po ba ng witness?maraming salamat po

    1. Kung nasa HK po kayo, pwede po kayo magpasa direct. Pero yung about sa blog ko po ay processing outside HK. Anyways, if your fiancee po ay divorced, you need to submit his divorced paper. We sent our documents thru courier (DHL). Need po ng 2 witness.

  3. hi. umabot po ba ng 1 month yung process niyo ? what date po kayo nagpasa ng intended to get married and what date po napili niyo for the marriage? july 20 po ako magpapasa(personal) at balak namin aug 20 yung kasal. hindi po kaya gahol sa oras ?

    1. Hello. Almost 1-month po kami nag antay, kasi Chinese New Year po nun. Masydo pong tight yung schedule nyo, but you can try po.

  4. “Both of you should, after your arrival at Hong Kong, attend the Marriage Registration and Records Office within office hours or meet your civil celebrant, bringing along your travel documents and originals of the documents which you have submitted earlier. The party giving the notice should make an affidavit before the Registrar or the civil celebrant that there is no impediment of kindred or affinity or any other lawful hindrance to the marriage. Ample time should be allowed for the civil celebrant to transmit the affidavit to the Registrar for the issue of the Certificate of Registrar of Marriages.”

    How long was the “ample time” stated here? When can we get the Certificate of Registrar of Marriages? Plan kasi namin gawin yung registration outside HK and we have limited time given the vacation we’re allowed from work. Makukuha po ba ang Certificate of Registrar of Marriages same day na pumunta kami doon, then the next day pwede na magpakasal? Thank you

    1. Hi, they will give you the certificate of marriage right after the wedding. Also, regarding your wedding date, ilalagay nyo po un sa application form, and you will wait for HK confirmation.

  5. Hello Michelle!

    Thanks for your helpful blog and Congratulations!

    I do have few questions here:

    Do we need to just send the photocopies of the required documents including the Notice of Marriage?

    And, how much is the Notary stamp sa Pinas?

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi! Thank you. Yes, you need to send the required documents including the Notice of Marriage. I’m not sure kung magkano ang Notary Stamp sa pnas kasi sa Qatar po ako nag pa notarized, pero I think you will not spend more than 500 pesos. Good luck!!!

  6. Hello po, have a great day, it’s really helpful and nice to read your experience marriage in Hong Kong… May I ask po if how much cost all in all you paid? And is thier limit person to attend the wedding? Because me my boyfriend wanna plan to marriage in Hong Kong iwant some idea.. Thanks,

    1. Hi, thank you for reading my blog. Anyway, I can’t tell the total amount we spent, because my husband and I was working in a different country at that time, so the plane ticket was not cheap and the hotel where we stayed, plus the required documents. The cost of the wedding application we paid was HK$ 750 and HK$ 300. I hope that makes sense?

  7. Hi ! Thanks for your helpful blog po. I have English boyfriend at plano po namin mag pakasal sa hongkong on September Po. Ask ko lang po sana kung affirmation of Marital status po ba ang kelangan nya kunin at affidavit of Marital status? Mejo malabo po kasi nun nag inquire sya s Uk. Kelangan daw po muna nya check s hk kng ano daw ang iaaccept. Thanks

    1. Hello! Is your boyfriend divorced? If yes, you need to submit his divorce paper, if not, I think, he needs to get affirmation of Marital Status as supporting document. FYI from HK Gov.

      (i) Person aged over 21 and have never got married anywhere before:-
      Please produce the Hong Kong Identity Card or/and valid travel document. Under normal circumstance, single certificate or birth certificate is NOT required. However, Registrar may request for further supporting document on individual case.

  8. Hi michelle! Thanks for your immediate reply po. Paano po sya mag aapply ng affirmation of marital status from the HK Gov? Through online po ba? Nasa UK po kasi sya now. Hindi po ba pwede na sa Uk sya kumuha ng affirmation of marital status? Pareho po kami outside HK po. China po ako ng wowork sya naman Uk. Bale plano po kasi naman eh online lang po mag pa register. Thanks

    1. He can get a document in the UK proving that your fiance is single as supporting documents incase the HK Gov will ask about it.

  9. Hi Michelle! Do you know or does your Husband have used a CNI obtained in the UK for use in Hongkong? Since my Boyfriend can get it valid for one year but want to know if that is the acceptable period in Hongkong also do we need to put the specific address of the registry or we can just put Hongkong? Many thanks xx

  10. Hi michelle, American bf ko at gusto nya pakasal sa Hk. Di pa kasi annulled married nya sa pinas sa ex wife nya. Pero yung babae gusto makipag divorce nasa pilipinas sya. Bf ko nasa America. Ako single nman. Puede ba kami makasal kahit di pa annulled kasal nya sa unang asawa nya?

    1. I am not sure about it. But I think your fiance need to get annulled first bago kayo magpakasal to avoid any problems in the future.

  11. Hi Michelle,
    I find your page really helpful. May I ask if Cenomar is a must requirement for Filipinas who want to get married in Hong Kong? oR Not necessary? And should it be Aunthenticated or PSA Original copy or Cenomar Xerox copy is fine? Same with Birth certifictes, Do we need to supply Hongkong councils with PSA original copy of it or a xerox copy is just fine? Cause I have read some links and blogs that foreingers who intend to get married in Hong Kong only needs their Passport and Birth Certificates. I am a Filipina and planning to get married with my German partner. I will appreciate your legal advice with this matter.
    Thank you,

    1. Hello! Thank you for reading my blog. It is necessary to submit your Cenomar to prove that you are single and allowed to get married. No need to authenticate the Cenomar and PSA Birth Cert, but you need to submit the original one (not a photocopy). Good luck!

  12. Hello Michelle ! I’m already annulled last 2017. And my fiancee is also divorced. Do i need to get a cenomar or just pass the annullment decision and certification from the judge? Please enlighten me. Thank you

    1. Hi! You can submit both (Cenomar & Annulment Certification) to prove that you are allowed to get married.

  13. Hi Michelle.Thanks for your helpful blog. Im so happy to find your page My boyfriend live in Canada ,I’m in Mongolia. We both mongolian. Is required documents are only passports and birth certificate.Do we need certificate of no marriage? because we don’t have that.

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for reading my blog. I think you can submit a recent document that will prove that you are still single. Sorry for the late response.

  14. Hello Michelle,, can I ask a question my bf is a Filipino pero Canadian citizen na siya he was married before in the Philippines and hindi sila annulled, pero they got Divorced in Canada and he has the divorce paper.Pwede ba kami magpakasal sa HK. And do he need to provide a Birth certificate and Cenomar or divorced paper will be enough.

    1. Yes, you can get married in HK.

  15. After you receive your marriage certificate, do you need to have it included in the legal system of the philippines?

    1. After you receive your marriage certificate, you need to register it to PH Consulate in HK. They will give you a Report of Marriage certificate after 3 days of your registration.

      1. Do we have to be physically there in HK to get the Report of Marriage Certificate?

        1. Yes. Report of Marriage means you need to report your marriage to the Philippine Consulate in HK right after your marriage.

  16. Hi, Good day po! Ask ko lang kong wala kaming two wetness, pwede sila ang mag provide samin? Salamat

    1. You need to provide 2 witness po, hindi po matutuloy ang kasal kung walang witnesses.

  17. Hi need your advice and help. Hope to hear from you soonest the better . Thanks Po.

    1. Please email me or send a message to my FB Page (Stylo Michieko). Thanks.

      1. Can i message you too? this is really helpful! <3

        1. Yes, you can send me a message to my FB Page “Stylo Michieko”. Thanks

  18. hello po good evening tanung aq yung sa form ng intended marriage my PGA ppilian dba marriage registry,place of worship,civil celebrant.anu po pinili nio sa tatlo…hntay po aq sa reply mu sis…thank you…and god blessed you.

    1. Marriage Registry po, sa cotton tree po kami nagpakasal.

  19. Hi salamat sa blog mo its really helpfull ask ko lang pede ko na ba process requirments namin even nasa pinas ako at nasa canada ung partner ko ano ung need na unang papers na papagawa ko sa law office dito sa pinas ? And ilan days kayo nag stay sa hongkong? Or pumunta nanlang kayo dun before the day of your wedding salamat godbless

    1. Hello! Welcome. The first thing you need to do is to send them an email, wait for the form that they will send you. Then, notarized the first page of the form. We arrived 4 days before the wedding day and we stayed for 9 days.

  20. hi gd pm po..kailangan ba ang legal capacity for merriages in hongkong?thanks!

    1. Hello! Just send them your CENOMAR po. May I know the nationality of your fiance? Your fiance must produce several documents to prove that he is not married or in a registered partnership(i.e. Divorce Paper, etc)

  21. Gud eve po,. Anonpo kylangan na requirements namin, plano po namin magpakasal sa Hong Kong, Filipino po ako at german po yung boyfriend ko.

    1. Hello! Please feel free to read my blog regarding requirements po, if you have any questions, kindly message me on my FB Page “Stylo Michieko”. Salamat po.

  22. After wedding sa HK. What to do para mkapunta na kaagad sa Germany?

    1. You need to register your Marriage in Philippine Consulate sa HK. Then check nyo din po if need nyo po iregister ang marriage nyo sa German Embassy sa HK. Then apply for a visa, but make sure to comply with the requirements. You need to do a lot of research. Good luck!

  23. Hi Michelle,
    I already sent an email ,ask ko lng Po how long the maximum day to wait the response.thank you Po.

    1. I apologize for the late response. Anyway, HK replied back to me the next day, you can wait for a maximum 1 week.

  24. I m a indian citizen and my fiance is french citizen…..we plan to get marry in hongkong . Is it require to summit single status certificate?

    1. I think so, to prove that you are allowed to get married.

  25. Did you get married on a Civil Celebrant or at a marriage registry po?

    1. Marriage Registry po

  26. Hi Michelle, I am engaged with an Englishman too! and we are planning to get married in HK this June. I am going to the UK this March, I got a Tourist Visa approved and after that we will get married in HK. I would like to know if you chose a civil celebrant or marriage registry? And after marriage should we both register our marriage to our respective embassies?
    how many days do you recommend us to stay in HK? Hoping for your response <3

    1. Hello, we chose the marriage registry. We only reported our marriage to PH Consulate in HK. We stayed in HK for 12 days.
      I recommend you to arrive in HK 4 days before the wedding. After the wedding, report your marriage to PH Consulate in HK on the same day.

  27. After married, what is the immigration stages to get me in Australia? How easy?

    1. Hello, I don’t have any idea about the Australian Visa or Immigration. Sorry.

  28. Hi there thank so much I found this site. My fiancee is American (divorced) I am Filipina (never been married) we are looking for a better options timewise, so much paper works and requirements getting married d in the Philippines and takes longer to get the certificate. So, what are the requirements for each of us and can we wait for the marriage of certificate after the wedding and how long will it usually?

    1. Hello, you need to submit a passport copy, CENOMAR, Divorced paper, bank draft (HK$315), Birth Cert., form (must be authenticated the first page). You will get the marriage certificate right after the marriage.

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