Nice to Meet you, Everyone! I’m Michelle

Look at me you may think you see who I really am, but you’ll never know me….. One of the lines from one of my favorite songs.. and that’s why I’m here.  Let me just introduce myself.  Hi, my name is Michelle but you may just call me Mitch.  I love music, sports, cooking, fashion, adventures and many more.  I sometimes think of myself as creative/artistic. 

Frustrated writer: I may not be a good writer, I must admit.  But I have the determination to learn.  I believe that the more you write, the better you become at it. Learning is an ongoing process and I will not get tired of trying new things.  With the help of YouTube and Google, I was able to get some information and knowledge on how I can improve myself in terms of web designing.  Thank you also to my boyfriend who became very supportive from day one. 

Why did I start blogging?

When I first thought of doing my own online journal, the first thing I asked my self is, can I really do it?  Of course, I can!  I waited way too long to start blogging. And that just might be one of the biggest regrets of my life.  I’ve been to different places and countries, tried adventurous things and meet different kinds of people and of different nationalities.  Those memories I will treasure forever.  Now, I’m thinking.. maybe.. just maybe… If I was able to share those memories and learning into this kind of journal.. maybe I’ve been a good help into somebody’s life.   I’m a new blogger and hopefully, I can start inspiring others.

Hoping to publish more blogs that are informative, timely and relevant.  I will also do blogs regarding the UK Visa application, my personal experiences as an ex-pat in the Middle East (UAE and Qatar) and my travel adventure in the UK as a tourist for several months.  

Your feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated. 

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Twitter: @michellebalon22

Facebook: @StyloMichieko

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